Call for the User Projects of the SCSS Test Accelerator

SPring-8 XFEL is soliciting the user projects for the SCSS Test Accelerator.
For those interested in applying for this project, please contact Beam Line Research and Development Group.

1. Duration of Use
January, 2013 ~ February, 2013 (as scheduled)
*We are planning to recruit user projects three times a year.
2. How to apply
Please make inquiries to the following email address for Beam Line Research and Development Group. We will then inform you about the application process and other details.

3. Deadline for the application
The application should be completed and returned by November 22nd, 2012. (by e-mail)
4. Review Process
The application will be reviewed by the SCSS Test Accelerator Operation and Utilization Committee. After the review, we will notify all applicants of the committee's decisions.